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Solar Powered Mill

The system are used in the grain processing industry powered by solar energy.
Product Description

The system is micro-off-grid power generation system basing on the actual situation in Africa, which shall supply stable converted DC power support for the device through the controller and DC/DC from photovoltaic power generation. The system fundamentally solves the power problems of the equipment and will be a leap forward in the food processing industry from raw manual labor for mechanized processing.

The system are used in the grain processing industry in Zambia. The successful implementation of 2000 units solar powered milling plants projects improved the grain processing.

1. The system consists of solar photovoltaic panels, central control system, and specialized mills.
2. It adopts DC/DC system, which is also equipped with solar power identifying function.
3. Central control system which is also an energy management system. It can control and regulate the voltage and power storage system. The power from solar arrays will be divided into two directions, one is DC48V to drive the motor directly, the order is to charge the super capacity, when the sun light is good. The super capacitor will discharge quickly to stable the DC motors when the sun light is weak. The super capacitor also ensures the large start current of the motor by fast discharging. The CCS system is also equipped with monitoring function, which can provide the operating data all the time to ensure the safety of the whole system.

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