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Design and Development

  The company's Architectural Planning, Survey and Design Institute was established in June 1992. After several generations of pioneering and innovation, it has achieved outstanding results in the field of architectural design and engineering. At present, the company has five branches: Architectural Design Branch, Light Steel Design Branch, Special Engineering Co., Ltd., Yifang Supervision Co., Ltd. and Yizheng Materials Testing Co., Ltd. After more than 20 years of development, the Design Institute has developed into a comprehensive construction engineering service enterprise integrating construction project management, architectural design, steel structure design, special engineering construction, engineering supervision, geological exploration and material testing.
  The company now has Grade A qualification for architectural design, Grade A qualification for steel structure design, Grade B qualification for engineering supervision, contracting qualification for special engineering, Grade II construction qualification for prestressed engineering, Grade II qualification for steel structure construction and Building materials testing qualification. There are more than 100 professional and technical personnel in the company's design and research institutes, including 65 intermediate and senior professional technicians, 21 architects, structural engineers, equipment supervisors, supervisors, cost engineers and construction engineers. At the same time, our institute is the executive deputy director unit of the Steel Structure Branch of Shandong Exploration and Design Association.