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Solar Lighting System

Solar lighting system is a kind of lights powered by solar energy
Product Description

Solar lighting system is a kind of lights powered by solar energy. Usually it is off-grid solar PV power system, which is independent. Solar lights are beautiful in the appearance and easy to install. It can be used in the city, parks as well as road side. It can also be used in the remote areas without grid power, which is very cost effective.

Solar lights consist of solar panels, maintain free batteries and high efficiency led lights. The system is controlled by intelligent controllers, which can replace the traditional lights. The system does not need to lay cables, and it is high efficiency and long life-span. The system is also easy to install and safe for use, and is energy-saving, environment friendly as well as high cost effective.

The solar light product series include solar street light, solar gaden light, solar lawn light, solar landscape light, solar pest killer, solar traffic signal light.

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